Spindle - an Eclipse plug-in for Tapestry 3

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Spindle was  built and open-sourced by Geoffrey Longman. 

Tapestry is a powerful open source framework for building web applications.

Spindle is, as the title suggests, a plug-in that adds support for building web application using Tapestry 3  to the Eclipse platform.


  • Supports Tapestry 3. There are no plans to support later versions of Tapestry.
  • Break that "code, deploy, fix bug, deploy cycle". Spindle finds over 70 common programmer errors in Tapestry code without requiring an application deployment!
  • Smart editors with context sensitve, Tapestry aware completion proposals
  • Project, Page, and Component Wizards make artifact creation faster.
  • Hot keys allow easily you to navigate quickly between page, component, java, and template files.

Documentation ships with the plugin. A static export of the docs, including download and installation instructions, is available here.

To report bugs, join lists, or see files, click on the Sourceforge logo on this page. 

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