Spindle 3.0 wins "Best in Show" at EclipseCon 2004

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Install Help is available

Thanks to Romulin Group for all the wonderful graphics work!

Tapestry: Java Web Components is a powerful open source framework for building web applications, check it out!

Spindle is, as the title suggests, a plug-in that adds IDE support for Tapestry to the Eclipse platform .

Need a consultant who's well versed in Eclipse programming?

NEW- All builds of Spindle 3 are available via a special Eclipse update site.
NEW UPDATE URL: http://spindle.sf.net/updates

Rate Spindle at EPiC (main page for Spindle at EPiC)

UPDATE - JettyLauncher plug-in has moved to a new project.

bugs can be logged here

Read the Spindle Documentation online thanks go to CleanCode for hosting the docs

Read what users over at EPiC have to say about Spindle
(It's all there the good, the bad and the downright ugly!).
Did I mention all the docs including installation notes are online?

Other tools built on top of Spindle make Tapestry development even more enjoyable!:

  • Palette - Mike Henderson adds Drag & Drop components, property sheet editing, Inspectors, and much more!
  • Tapestry for IDEA - (in development) Hugo Palma adds Tapestry support to the ever popular IntelliJ IDEA. Hugo plans to integrate Spindle functionality (yes this will be possible) as Spindle support for Tapestry 4 evolves.

Over 2 million hits and more than 50,000 downloads since inception.(hits)(downloads)

Spindle was created and is still under the care of Geoff Longman (glongman gmail.com - you supply the @).